Thursday, 11 December 2008

Aim of this blog...........

Feel free to post any published articles that may help those who have money in the PMS/PCI.
Its so hard to get information so feel free to use this as the source of all the info.


anotherDonald said...

Thanks for setting up this blog groovyjon.
Things seem to have gone very quiet on the PMS front this last week, just the odd snippet in the Newsletter.
I'm searching on google every day for any more information, but nothing at all.
I think you'd have to be located nearer to Belfast or mid Ulster to hear any rumours or news. I am located in the far NW and hearing not a thing!
I wonder when the administrator will present his report?
The rumours about money being loaned to a developer now in financial diffs, is pretty worrying, does anyone have any more details, or is it just the media scaremongering?
Ok over to you guys living in the big smoke for some news?

anotherDonald said...

FYI here's a link to an article in yesterday's Newsletter

Also something I found last week which mentions the PMS and a developer ,,,,,,,,,Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

anotherDonald said...

In today's Newsletter December 13th