Monday, 22 December 2008

Naming and Shaming part 2

Seems i'm not the only one with the idea about naming and shaming.

Lets not forget, the PMS is only in trouble for one reason, and one reason only, and that is because of the people who withdrew all their money and putting their faith in the government over the church.
Name and shame the people who bought the PMS down

Pity the PMS quitters are not named – cleric vious
Published Date: 20 December 2008
A SENIOR Presbyterian minister has backed a fellow cleric who rebuked Church members for hastily withdrawing their money from the Presbyterian Mutual Society (PMS), thus forcing it into administration.
The Rev Brian Kennaway, who has been a minister for more than 30 years, yesterday came out in support of the Rev Dr Alan Russell, who denounced investors who withdrew money for being just as greedy and selfish as anyone else in society.In sharp criticism of those who took their money out of the PMS during the run on the society’s funds Dr Russell, writing in the Presbyterian Herald, held that because of their actions secular society would ignore the Church when it quoted what the Bible says about money.Dr Russell said that those who withdrew their money had decided to trust in the Government rather than in their fellow Presbyterians.Mr Kennaway, a minister in Crumlin, said: “There’s a strong element of truth in that.“In Phillipians chapter 2, verse 6, Paul says: ‘Look after not only your own interests, but also the interests of others’.


goodbyepci said...

If you know more information than is already being published in the Newsletter, why don't you post it?

I thought that was the whole point of this blog.
Seems to be a complete waste of time otherwise!
So far there has been nothing posted that isn't already available by using google.

groovyjon said...

The aim of it is a centre point for friends who don't know were to go to for info. They can and do come here instead of trawling through all the online publications.